Foreign Travel Advice & Fees

If you are planning to travel abroad, please contact reception who will arrange for advice to be provided on all your travel needs using ‘Travax’, an information system provided by, and regularly updated by the Scottish Executive. This advice may differ from that given by your travel agent and the final decision as to which advice should be followed lies with the patient.

It would be helpful if you could provide this information a minimum of 8 weeks before you travel to allow the Practice Nurses to review your medical records and arrange any vaccinations required.  It is recommended that vaccinations are given 1 month prior to travel to be fully effective.

If you require to have the Yellow Fever vaccination you will need to contact either Greyfriars Medical Practice on 257752 or Locthorn Medical Centre on 259944 to have this live vaccination carried out.

Holiday Travel Fees

Private Prescription                 £10

Administering Vaccination       £15

Vaccination Certificate             £15

Holiday Cancellation                £35

Fitness to travel                      £25

Passport Form & Photograph   £20

Vaccination Fees

Revaxis (DT&Polio)                No charge

Hepatitis A                            NHS Prescription

Typhoid                                 NHS Prescription

Rabies                                  Private Rx & Administering charge  – £25

Tick Borne Encephalitis          Private Rx & Administering charge – £25

Japanese Encaphalitis           Private Rx & Administering charge – £25

Malaria Tablets                      Private Rx charge – £10

Please click here to download our travel form. Alternatively please complete the online form below.

Travel Questionaire
Please complete the form below to get more information about what travel immunisations you require.

Most vaccines are given at least 2 weeks before travel, and some more complicated regimes take longer. Please try to give us prior notice (preferably 6 weeks).

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