Doctor Appointments

The doctor’s appointment book can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance. We have pre-bookable and on the day slots. 

The pre-bookable appointments are available for the first hour of each morning surgery Monday to Friday. 

Due to the difficulty we have recruiting a GP we are unable to offer prebookable appointments for the afternoon surgeries. 

Please remember to report to the receptionists on arrival.

If you cannot keep your appointment please let us know. 

Nursing Appointments 

You can book a nursing appointment up to 6 weeks in advance. 

Our staff nurse Dawn Mooney carry out treatment duties for example, Ear syringing, ECG’s, Cervical cytology, Injections, Dressings and many other duties. 

Our Healthcare Assistants Lorna Wells and Rachel Murphy carry out daily phlebotomy clinics from 8.30am to 4pm daily.

Home Visits

If you are too ill to attend surgery and require a home visit, please telephone 

01387 244950 BEFORE 10.00am

This will help the doctors plan their working day. 

Please do not request home visits for conditions that can be seen at the surgery as the doctor can see several patients in surgery in the time that it takes to make one house call. Patients can also be examined more thoroughly at the surgery. 

If you have a temperature or rash, coming to the surgery will do you no harm. 

Patients will be asked to come to the surgery if the doctor feels they are fit to do so. It is the doctor who makes the final decision as to where the patient will be seen

Telephoning a Doctor

Telephoning The Doctor The doctors are always willing to give advice over the telephone. The most convenient time to speak to the doctor is between 11am and 11.30am.

Interruptions during surgery are upsetting for both doctors and patients and for this reason the receptionists have been asked not to disturb consultations with telephone calls.

Test Message Appointment Reminders

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